The Evil Eye - Mavi Boncuk

Toros Delights

It's a superstition of the highest order, but perhaps the most enduring of them all - the evil eye. Peoples the world over have believed that if someone glares at you, you, or something that you hold dear, will be cursed. It's not exactly a demonic power from another realm- it's a power all of us have. There's something profound contained in the fact that we all can ruin each other's day with a vicious look.

And the solution imagined to this power is a symbol, a physical symbol that peoples across the Mediterranean and Middle East carry to ward off these curses. Each culture holds a different solution, but whether it be the hamsa, or Hand of God (in Jewish tradition) or Hand of Fatima (in Muslim tradition), or the Eye of Horus in Ancient Egypt, the common thread is that it takes a higher power to fight the curse of vengeful fellow human being.

The evil eye as an amulet takes a more legalistic turn. It relies on the principles within ancient religious law, that "an eye for eye" mean an eye can fight the "eye" of another. In Turkey, this eye is called the Nazar Boncuğu (Nazar Bonju'u), the "bead of seeing," or the Mavi Boncuk (Mavi Bonjuk) "blue bead," and is found everywhere you go there. 

It's beauty should not be lost on its beholders. The design of the blue glass beads has not changed for 3000 years, made by master glassblowers.

At Toros Delights, we chose the Mavi Boncuk as our symbol because it is both a symbol of Turkey, but also a popular symbol throughout the world, shared by many peoples. 

Representing Turkey means to go beyond just the modern symbols of the republic, but reaching into history and pull the most beautiful things out to share with the world. Captivating, ancient, and a sincere love of a healthy and balanced life.

For example, our olive oil was made in the Antioch region according to traditions that go back centuries, and very much part of a healthy lifestyle.

Go the way of the Mavi Boncuk and be defended against the grumpy, and enlivened by beauty. From all of us at Toros Delights.