Toros Delights is the American branch of, the leading health and wellness e-commerce platform in Turkey, founded in Istanbul by Kerem Siral in 2013. For years, has provided Turkey with a fresh look at its native foods and cosmetics - demonstrating to the country just how healthy and luxurious their own Turkish brands can be. Now, is setting its sights abroad to America, where Kerem spent many years of his life, to introduce this land to the highest quality products Turkey has to offer.

Beyond importing the finest products Turkey has to offer, never before seen in America, Toros Delights also promotes the beauty, cosmopolitanism, and grace of Istanbul and the Turkish countryside - the Turkish Way of Life. The Turkish Way of Life means that life is lived deliberately, where people expect the daily rituals of life to be full of health and meaning. The care and thought put into daily life is a cultural legacy that Toros Delights seeks to bring to the frenzied American lifestyle.

There are many paths to explore in the Turkish Way of Life. We encourage you to search our collection, or try out our Delightful Turkish subscription box, and be transported to Istanbul, the crossroads of the world. Relax with Misbahçe Essential Oils, Traditional Hammam Soap, and Agora Harmanı Coffee, or delight in OTS Organic Dried Apricots, Monsieur Marsel’s Turkish Delights of astonishing flavors, and Beyorganik’s Cold-Pressed Olive Oil. Journey to a Sufi Kitchen and try sweets like Atiye Laçin’s Murabba. And it’s just the beginning, with hundreds more products to choose from. Also be sure to subscribe to Toros Delights on social media and our emails - great deals and amazing sights await you.

We sincerely hope you enjoy what you discover.