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Derived from the fruit of the Karite plant in Africa, Fractionated Shea Oil is a highly nourishing vegetable oil used to restore the moisture, elasticity and softness that diminish in skin and hair. Although it does not lag behind the solid form Shea Butter in terms of nourishment, Shea Oil is preferred for use for the face and hair. It is rich in Oleic Acid and vitamins A, E, ,F and contains a satisfactory amount of Stearic Acid. Due to its fractionated Shea Oil form, it is suitable for skin-specific blends that are prepared with essential oils.

Ingredient: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter


For external use. Keep in a cool place.


It is suitable for use for the face and extra beneficial for very dry skin. It captures the moisture that the skin needs and nourishes it. Its softening elements care for the skin. It is suitable for use as a base oil in personal blends to be prepared with essential oils. It provides care to soften and repair hair.

Use Recommendations

Wash your face with a natural soap of your choice in the morning / evening and use one of our facial Activated waters.

With 3-4 drops on the face, neck with clean fingertips after applying to the skin (preferably when the skin is still moist) and apply to the décolleté area, and add moisturizing Sunscreen during the day. It can be applied to dry areas of the skin by itself.

Can be used alone and / or with essential oils as a hair care oil.

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Shea Butter Oil (Fractionated), 30 mL

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